Raspberry Pi an Arduino’s Alterntaive

Are you Bored of Arduino? Don’t Like it and Buy Something other than Arduino. Arduino uses the Atmel chip which can also be found on other Microcontrollers offering same kind of Functionality as Arduino does. Here is the list of some other fantastic microcontrollers like Arduino:

Raspberry Pi

Yes it is what i am also looking Forward to Buy in the near Future. You can consider it the best microcontroller which is present now in the market. It offers you what Arduino can’t offer For Example: Arduino doesn’t let you connect to internet on its own, means you require a Shield but in Case of Raspberry Pi you don’t need to keep on Buying Shields for various purposes like in Case of Arduino.

In terms of Technical Language, They come with 1 GB RAM as compared to 2KB in Arduino, they have HDMI port, Networking Port, USB 2.0 Port, Audio Jack, SD Card Port and with it you get freedom to write in one of these languages: Python, C, C++ , Ruby, Java, Scratch. These features provide a lot of opportunities to innovate and design something which fascinates this world.

MSP430 LaunchPad

It is a low price Arduino like device which has been made by Texas Instruments, a well known company for its quality products. It comes with a RAM of 512 Byte in comp. to Arduino’s 2 Kb. Arduino uses Arduino IDE to upload codes to its microcontroller, It uses IDE, CCS Cloud, and Code Composer Studio to Upload Codes.


You can say it is like a Bridge between Arduino and Raspberry pi. Netduino offers you the functionality somewhat like an Raspberry pi. It has digital input, Output Pins plus various ports like Ethernet, SD Card Slot. They come up with 168 Mhz Processor which is quite powerful.

Unlike Arduino’s They have different kind of Microcontroller and have they their programming language as C#. They are prefered on the Places where you are specific to only some types of Projects.


Teensy is like Arduino in a short Package. It offers Arduino like functionalities in a small size. They are based on ARM Cortex-M4 microprocessor. Teensy differs in the sense that input Voltage Required by Teensy is quite High. It uses the IDE to upload code to it with the help of USB A-B Cable.

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