OZON Holding (ozon.ru)

Some works (not all) that were implemented as part of work with the OZON holding: a web platform for an affiliate program, projects for merchants, OZON CRM, OZON Europe, etc. As part of the holding, we were the initiators and trainers of training for employees. OZON holding is one of the largest representatives of the IT market in Russia, the owner of the largest online store ozon.ru.

We did:

  • Creating a Project OZON Guide – an online magazine about company products;
  • Developed a style and various graphical elements for the OZON affiliate program, and also implemented some technical solutions.;
  • Implemented the OZON Europe Project, where the task was to bring an online store to markets outside of Russia;
  • Some projects for a company of OZON Solutions holding – web solutions for merchants;
  • Additionally performed a series of works for OZON CRM.

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