1.3. Related Technologies

With PHP, you can quickly develop Web sites, but modern PHP implementations are not the fastest and most efficient part of a site. Therefore, to run the site will require additional software and technology.

  • A web server is a program that provides interaction between the client and your application through the HTTP protocol. Throughout the book, we use the built-in PHP server (see Chapter 3), although the operation of this site will require an Nginx or Apache Web server.
  • Database server – data needs to be stored somewhere. The book covers in some detail two databases: PostgreSQL (see chapters 27-28) and Redis (see chapters 29-30). However, this is not all databases that you will meet in practice, and each of those affected deserves a separate book.
  • The Git version control system, which serves to store development history, backup copying, delivering code to the server, organizing team work. Whether you work in a team or alone – Git is currently becoming the main tool of a modern programmer, whatever programming language is chosen as the base one.

The list goes on and on. However, in fact, you can start even without it – simply relying on the language of PHP. If you are wondering what awaits you after studying PHP, look at the conclusion.