Introduction to the PHP Course

For a long time I wanted to post on our site a really good PHP course, after passing which the output will not be regular shit-coders, but people who, with the right approach to learning from the very beginning, will have the base that will give them everything to become professionals.

At first, I could not decide whether to order a course writing, or to do it myself. On the one hand – simplicity for me, but the unknown quality of the product, and on the other – a lot of work, but guaranteed to convey my vision to you.

In the end, it was the goal that arose in my head – to help you become cool PHP developers, that prompted me to create this course with my own brains and hands.

As for my vision of the language – it is this: modern PHP is a very flexible language, in the right hands it allows you to create supported web applications of any complexity.

Facebook, Badoo, Wikipedia – all these giants use PHP.

The productivity of the latest versions has doubled compared to PHP 5.6, now this language is at the stage of very rapid development and improvement.

At the moment, this language is the most popular among employers.

In addition, the language has a very large community and high-quality official documentation translated into many languages. The developer has at his disposal the Composer package manager and the Packagist repository, which contains more than 120 000 packages. And in November 2018, 502 million package installations were made from this repository!

And now about what exactly you should do to get the most out of this course and become a professional in the future. In fact, this is just one action: you should independently try to do homework, which will be attached to the lessons. You do not have to succeed, especially at first. But you should try to do it yourself. And over time, you will surely succeed!

Ready to learn in this way? Then let’s go!

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