Top 30 Photoshop Web Design Layout Tutorials

I have picked out some of the best Photoshop layout tutorials, and mashed them together into a nice and tidy compilation. There are blog design layouts, portfolio layouts, and simply beautiful layout tutorials. Enjoy!

Design Lab TV Layout

This layout has a really nice looking design. It uses nice vibrant colours, and has some nice effects.

Sleek Modern Portfolio Layout

I love the colours used with this layout. Its very simple and sleek.

Beautiful Elegant Blog Layout

This layout reminds me of a coffee shop, with the range of warm colours it uses.

Lush Blog Layout

This layout has a very nice menu, and you could customize the colours and the top header for your own site.


Business WordPress PSD Layout

The layout of this web design tutorial is really nice. Its a very clean and simple design.

Simple Video Blog Layout

This layout uses beautiful colours, and has a very simple design. It also features nice top buttons which include twitter, rss and also the contact us button. You could also add other social networking buttons such as facebook, or digg etc.

Nifty Dark Hosting Layout

Everything about this hosting template is customizable. And the colour scheme it uses is really nifty.

Web 2.0 Business Layout

Combining orange, grey and white has a really nice effect to it. And this is an awesome business layout.

Graphic Design Studio Layout

The streaky background to this layout design has an outstanding effect to it. I love the glass header and rounded corners aswell. Worth checking out.

Wood Style Photoshop Layout

The woodwork in the header of this template, gives it a real natural feel, and i think the gray and orange go well together.

Typography Based Layout

This is a very different design, but is very appealing. This tutorial will teach you how to make it.

Blue WordPress Style Layout

This layout, comes with a nice sidebar which you can have many 125px ads on, and also is very editable.

Sleek and Beautiful Design

Learn how to create something this beautiful using Photoshop.

Dark Car Layout

The white, black and red go very well when it comes to websites. I love this layout! Just click the image below to view the tutorial.

Chocolate Pro WordPress Layout

This layout makes me feel like in looking at a chocolate bar. Really nice effect.


Elegant Photoshop PSD Layout

The suit just makes this layout. Its worth checking out, and you could learn a thing or two extra if you are a Photoshop whiz.

Sleek Real Estate Photoshop Layout

Drop dead gorgeous real estate layout tutorial. You could customize this to the max, and still keep the colours.

Green WordPress Design

This Photoshop layout gives me the sort of ozone / green feel. Lovely gradients!

Personal Portfolio Vector Style Layout

Very simple personal portfolio layout. I would recommend this tutorial if you were a newbie to Photoshop.

Simple 2 Column Blog Layout

I love the range of colours that work very well together in this layout tutorial. This is worth checking out for all types of designers.

Clean Grunge Blog Design

I love the messy paper style to this layout tutorial. Makes it look amazing! You could learn an awful lot from checking out this tutorial.

Funky Web Design Layout

This is a lovely sunset style layout design. I know its only the background, but the graphics of the actual website are very easily editable, to make it unique.

Colourful Web Layout

The gradient on the header of this makes the layout look really really nice.

Game Blog Layout

The slime green colour on this layout really stands out.

Simple Hosting Layout

This layout is really nice if you own a small hosting company. Its a good place to lay the foundations, and then edit all the graphics as you go along to make it unique.

Paper Texture Web Layout

This has a very messy / clean aspect to it. I like how they work so well together.

Nice Purple Design Studio Layout

This is a very web 2.0 layout tutorial. The gradients on the buttons go well with the very clean and simple header.

Interior Design Layout

The pink really makes this layout design stand out. I would really recommend looking at this design layout tutorial.

Eco Theme Layout

This has the words green / eco friendly all over it. The green, gray and white go extremely well together.

Personal Portfolio Layout

This is really good if you are starting up freelance design, and need a quick layout to showcase your work. You can edit many of the graphics to make your portfolio unique.