AAduino: a battery sized arduino

Hi Guys, this time again I am writing about arduino. I was searching for the battery image on google to show it to my little brother how those look. Then Suddenly AAduino Image showed up, For first I thought it was some kind of cell holder. Then after zooming I came to know that it was AAduino: A battery sized Arduino.

There are many prototyping board in the market these days, where Arduino is much popular among them. There is no doubt that, a lot of experiments take place with arduino and some are so cool like the one AAduino made by Johan. This AAduino is transformation of arduino to a size of small battery. It contains the Atmega328p chip inside it, supporting two temperature sensors and one indicator LED. It can run suitably at a clock speed of 4Mhz.

John has extensively used the benefit Arduino being open source, hence he looked the schematics and made the transformation into arduino and a new product was born AAduino. Although you could find Arduino Nano size comparable to this but one thing this board excites us is that It contains positive and negative terminal like those of cells. It can also be powered with the help of cells.

For my point of view, making this board would improve the way you understand the schematics. This board consists of the few pins for prototyping (I don’t know how much) so board can’t be put into that much of use. It can be useful at the place where you require small size boards Or you can see that it contains ports for LEd and Temperature Sensors, So you can put it into use for measuring temperature.

If you have made your AAduino, you can get code for it here.

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For more info on it visit http://johan.kanflo.com/the-aaduino/.

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